Lobby the Council 23rd January

lewisham-demo.jpgThe Monson Haberdashers Askes Consultation closed 13th December. The report will be submitted to the Mayor and Cabinet on 30th January. However before then there is a full council meeting on 23rd January at which the Socialist Party councillors have submitted the following motion:

Motion for Lewisham council for a parents’ ballot on the Monson-Aske’s proposal


This council believes that the controversial proposal to hand over Monson primary school to Haberdashers’ Aske’s Hatcham College secondary Academy is exactly the type of issue where the principles of ‘participatory democracy’ and ‘democratic control of community assets’ (outlined in last year’s government Governance of Britain paper and the Quirk review of community ownership of assets) should apply.


In that light, we call on the mayor to organise a single-question parents’ ballot on the proposal before a final decision is taken on whether to proceed.  This ballot should be of the parents of pupils in all Lewisham primary school classes within the same ‘distance to school’ radius as Monson is to Haberdashers’ Aske’s Hatcham College namely, Edmund Waller, John Stainer, St James Hatcham, Myatt Garden, Kender, Childeric, Turnham, St Mary Magdalene, Lucas Vale, Ashmead and Monson.

Join us at the lobby of the council on 23rd January to support the Councillors’ motion and to show the Mayor our opposition to this dangerous proposal. We will keep you posted with further details.

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