Next Meeting of Campaign

Our next meeting will take place on Tuesday 20 May at 7.30pm at the Goose on the Green pub in Catford. We meet in the room above.

We will be discussing the campaign lead by local parents against the takeover of Monson primary school by Haberdashers Askes.

The reorganisation of SEN and the proposed closure of Brent Knoll will also be discussed as well as the council’s proposals to relocate Brent Knoll and ‘reorganise’ SEN provision at Medowgate and Prendragon.

Parents and teachers from Lewisham Bridge will also be updating the campaign on the attempt of Prendergast to take over the new school proposed on the site.

All welcome!



2 Responses to “Next Meeting of Campaign”

  1. links for 2008-05-17 « Someday I Will Treat You Good Says:

    […] Next Meeting of Campaign The Defenders of Education in our borough are getting together to discuss just how bad it’s got « links for 2008-05-16 […]

  2. Jason Says:

    We fully support your campaign here in Bolton
    Please visit our website and sign our petition.
    Many thanks

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