MONDAY, OCTOBER 6th 2008, 7.30 pm in the upstairs room

Across the borough and beyond, campaigners and trade unionists are having to confront continuing attacks on both our public services and on our living standards.  In Lewisham:

  • The Council is determined to break-up local Authority schooling with Academies and Trusts
  •  Health services face cuts and privatisation through “A Picture of Health”.
  •  Local Authority housing is being given over to ALMOs and Housing Associations.


Meanwhile, while billions are found to bailout the banks, workers are being told that they have to put up with year-after-year of below-inflation pay awards.

But trade unions and communities are beginning to say ‘enough is enough’. The NUT is balloting its members for national strike action to oppose pay cuts. Housing and health campaigners have been organising to defend our services. The Defend Education in Lewisham Campaign is challenging the Council’s damaging proposals.


That’s why the NUT, together with Defend Education, have agreed to hold a public meeting later this year to explain what is at stake and how we can fight the attacks. From this initiative, we hope to build a united campaign to defend our services.




  1. Caz Says:

    I am not sure yet how many people are aware of the following..which indicates a eugenics programme now in place in UK schools. ARK (Absolute Return for Kids) funds the ‘Teens and Toddlers Sustainability Replication Programme’which describes itself as a ‘pregnancy prevention programme’. THis is being put into place without people being aware of it and is in many boroughs now in the UK.

    There are very many disturbing links with academy schools, another being founders and trustees involvement with the Alpha course.

    The video ‘Ark Schools, Academies and Eugenics’is at this location on youtube:

    Wishing you the best with this campaign to stop these schools.

  2. defendeducation Says:


    this is too scary for words. It is about the ‘moral minority’ thinking they have the right to enforce their narrow moral agenda on our communties. The teens and toddlers programme is not about empowering young people, but about putting all the responsiblity on their shoulders while giving them no real power to take control of their lives.

    If they were reallly concerned with young people and the choices they have to make, they would give them real choices around fundemental issues such as education, work and housing. There is a really sinister backdrop to this ‘programme’ which is not about letting people make up their own minds, but shoving their religious ideology down our necks.

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