This summer the Mayor gave his approval for the new school to be owned and run by Leathersellers under the executive management of the Head of Prendergast School.

This is after a series of sham consultations where parents have consistently said no to the privatisation plans.

Over 100 parents have signed a petition against the plans, which was handed in to the Council and Mayor, and still we have been ignored.

 It is clear that the Mayor and his council cronies are not interested in listening to what parents really have to say. We will not allow our children’s education to be disrupted by a plan that does not have our community’s interests at heart.

 Now we say enough is enough! It is time for direct action.

 We need to resist the decant.

There is currently a legal challenge by the National Union of Teachers to their plans to create a 3-16 school on this site. The Law doesn’t allow for such schools and therefore the Mayor’s plans are illegal. We must show that Council that we will not be shoved around at their whim.

We believe that we can defeat the council over this. The successful Ladywell Pool campaign showed that the Mayor does not always get his own way!

Defend Education in Lewisham has been consistent in our protests over this plan and we think that we must continue to fight. If you want to get involved in the campaign please contact:

  • Eleanor (parent at Lewisham Bridge) – 07946 541 331 or ecd1@btinternet.com
  • Dave (parent at Lewisham Bridge) – daveheeps@lcts.fsnet.co.uk