Parents oppose the closure of Charlotte Turner School on Lewisham/Greenwich Borders

Greenwich Council is to consult on closing Charlotte Turner Primary School. The school is on the borders of Lewisham and in fact c.75% of pupils live in Lewisham.

Lewisham’s recent Primary Places Review has already indicated a shortfall of places for the Lewisham/Brockley area. This will be further exacerbated if Greenwich get their way and close this school.

An Ofsted report in November noted “half of the pupils have been identified as having some kind of learning difficulty and/or disability”.

It is clear once again that what is needed is more resources for schools rather than closing them down or reducing them in size (as is the case with Lewisham Bridge Primary School). These Labour councils claim that they care about our children’s educational needs whilst at the same time closing our schools down, or selling them off to private companies.

These are our community assets and we must fight to keep them.

Parents at Charlotte Turner have already started a campaign to save their school with the support from Greenwich Unison, parents plan to lobby a council meeting on January 28 and organise a protest march. This is an excellent start to the campaign to save Charlotte Turner. Parents must link with teachers, and other workers in their school to show Greenwich Council that they are not prepared to allow them to close this school.