Parents oppose the closure of Charlotte Turner School on Lewisham/Greenwich Borders

Greenwich Council is to consult on closing Charlotte Turner Primary School. The school is on the borders of Lewisham and in fact c.75% of pupils live in Lewisham.

Lewisham’s recent Primary Places Review has already indicated a shortfall of places for the Lewisham/Brockley area. This will be further exacerbated if Greenwich get their way and close this school.

An Ofsted report in November noted “half of the pupils have been identified as having some kind of learning difficulty and/or disability”.

It is clear once again that what is needed is more resources for schools rather than closing them down or reducing them in size (as is the case with Lewisham Bridge Primary School). These Labour councils claim that they care about our children’s educational needs whilst at the same time closing our schools down, or selling them off to private companies.

These are our community assets and we must fight to keep them.

Parents at Charlotte Turner have already started a campaign to save their school with the support from Greenwich Unison, parents plan to lobby a council meeting on January 28 and organise a protest march. This is an excellent start to the campaign to save Charlotte Turner. Parents must link with teachers, and other workers in their school to show Greenwich Council that they are not prepared to allow them to close this school.








10 Responses to “Parents oppose the closure of Charlotte Turner School on Lewisham/Greenwich Borders”

  1. Miss Shobiye Says:

    This school has been failing children for too long. For at least a decade now standards have been declining, despite being closed, renamed, new leadership shipped in, money thrown at it by Greenwich Council etc Sometimes we have to admit that nothing is working before yet another generation of children are left with reduced life chances.

    Those parents who could have been avoiding altogether/pulling their children out of Charlotte Turner for other institutions or even home educating for years now.

    I did all I could to avoid my own child attending this school, and have long advised other parents to do the same if they care anything for the education of their children. My son was one of the lucky ones who avoided enrollment at this institution.

    In order to present a balanced view of local parental opinion it’s important to include ALL parents on the doorstep of this educational disaster. Some of us celebrated when we heard it was finally closing!

  2. kim bozek. Says:

    id just like to say to miss shobiye that i find her message very hurtful. she may well not have wanted to send her child to our school but as for standards so poor this school has actually benefitted alot of children past and present. i would like to know which school she put her child into because most schools in the lewisham/greenwich boroughs are struggling/bulging classes/some dont have as much support as our school does. we are like a family in this school so im so glad you and your friends didnt wish to join us. because with an opinion like that you certainly wouldnt have fitted in. maybe if we win this battle with the council and keep our school open we also will be celebrating its just a shame we dont have enough invites to send to you and your friends. please remember one thing we support all schools no matter what there faults are its called sticking together. we are against all school closures at times like these we as parents should stick together and campaign for what our children want/ our children have asked us to stop our school from closing down. and as parents we will try our hardest to grant these wishes to all the children who want us to do this on their behalf. views like yours do not benefit anybody especially as your child does not even attend our school. as for enrolment there are exactly 69 children still waiting to enrol in our school for places in reception/nursery. so either the parents are mad to send their children there or they have heard from parents like myself that charlotte turner is a great school and that we are not prejudice against anyone who wants to send there children to our school. so i say as a parent we know our school has alot to offer these children and we support the teaching staff/head mistress ann mills for all the great work and support they have given to our children over the years.

  3. kareene wade Says:

    i would just like to add its people like miss shobiye are norrow minded because if it was her childs school she herself would fell the same as WE DO about our school !!!!!!! after all its about our kids ………

  4. a concerned member of the public Says:

    this school is situated in the heart of the community. i live right next to this school. i see so many smiling happy children everyday, those children look happy to be attending this school. i know quite a lot of the teachers who work there and i can asure you they are extremley good teachers and are well aware of the childrens needs. my family attend all the events held at the school which are very popular with the local community. the global funday is good as you get to try different cultural foods from all over the world. it beats a takeaway anyday. if the goverment were to close this school it would be so quiet round here. there would be no joys of laughter during playtimes it would be like a ghost town. sadness will rip the heart out of this community. all my children and granchildren have attended this school. it holds alot of good memories. do the council really know what they are doing and how much hurt they will be doing to these poor children. i hope its not going to be pulled down and flats built on its site. we dont have much in this area and the school was our pillar of the community. i do agree with comments from other people to a limit. but i stronly disagree with mrs shobiye as to saying she was glad her child did not go there. this school needs positive points and her negative points would not have been welcome in this school. i have seen the highs and lows in this school its name change in the past. i can still see a good future for this school its up and coming and has lots of prospects ahead of it. i prey the council rethink their plans and give this school another chance to proof to people that it has got something to offer the community. when you take this school away your destroying all the happy and sad memories that lie within it.

  5. lianne Graham Says:

    As a parent i would like to say my child is doing very well at Charlotte Turner Primary School.I am going to carry on fighting for this school to stay open as not only my child is happy there so are all the other children.We as parents should be together on things like this as it is about the CHILDREN and their happiness and as we all know if a child is happy they will learn if a child is not happy they won’t learn.Soooooooooooooo Ms Shobiye there is no need to be so negative try to be positive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and to all the parents at Charlotte Turner KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK and remember you know the truth about the school and how good it is as YOUR CHILDREN go there.GOOD LUCK

  6. Kirstie Paton Says:

    Defend Education in Lewisham give our full support to parents, teachers and children at Charlotte Turner school in their determination to stop the closure of their community school. We will be raising the campaign with activists in Lewisham and watch this space for meetings and activities to stop the closure of Charlotte Turner.

    If parents are aware of any activities in the area to keep the school open then please post details.

    Kirstie Paton
    Greenwich NUT President

  7. Mike Says:

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  8. sosglasgow Says:

    Thanks for your comments.

    Schools are being privatised all over the place, and it seems as if local governments are constantly trying to close as many as possible so as to sell on the land to property developers (disguised as education improvements obviously).

    Luckily in Scotland private companies have now been banned from building schools, and then renting them back to the government.

    Some people from the occupation were talking about heading down to Manchester to give support to schools facing closure down there. I’m not sure of the names of the schools, but if anything comes of it I’ll try and remember to get in touch. Maybe try and contact them yourself and link up?

    Again, thanks for the words of support. I’ve seen some pictures of your school, and it does seem to have a bit more character than the usual tin boxes they put up these days.

    Now that the parents have occupied the buildings, the council members are treating them with much more respect. Whereas before they patronised and spoke down to them.

  9. mulki Says:

    i been to charlotte turner i am a student that use to go to the school i loved that school all the teachers were nice they shouldn’t close the school save the school save the school

  10. Nick Says:

    “Mulki” They clearly didn’t manage you teach you the basics of English grammar and punctuation. Need we say any more?

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