Hands Off Lewisham Bridge!

On Thursday 23rd April we occupied the school roof of Lewisham Bridge Primary School to express our anger at the forced and unnecessary busing of our children to an alternative site while our school stands empty.

Within a few hours of starting our occupation we received widespread coverage from the BBC, the Evening Standard and London Lite as well as messages of support from Save our Schools Glasgow, Visteon workers, Prisne workers in Dundee and various NUT branch secretaries from around the country, to name but a few.

Hands off Lewisham Bridge needs the support of all parents and anyone else who wants to fight to save our school. If you want to get involved come to our public meeting this afternoon:

Lewisham Bridge School
Elmira Street
Cornmill Gardens SE13
3.00pm Friday 24th April

From that meeting we will march to Lewisham Town Hall to demand the re-opening of our school.


5 Responses to “Hands Off Lewisham Bridge!”

  1. supporting squatters Says:

    Solidarity from the Belgrade Road Social centre!!

    I will try and make it down tomorrow to show some support

    Any updates on Fridays march etc?

  2. sosglasgow Says:

    Saw the video! Nice to see everyone in good spirits.

  3. co-opyouth.blogspot.com Says:

    Solidarity from Southwark Woodcraft Folk, co-operative youth organisation.

  4. c0mmunard Says:

    A report on the occupation here, from The Commune, a libertarian socialist group:


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