No trust in Trusts!

Over 60 people turned up to the meeting at Goldsmiths Student Union to  support the campaign to prevent the proposed Goldsmiths Trust undermining locally accountable community schooling in Lewisham. Unlike the Council’s thinly attended ‘drop-in’, parents, teachers, support staff, councillors, lecturers and students attended our meeting last night. The turnout and range of people involved showed the potential strength of our opposition – opposition which we now need to mobilise in all the ways we discussed last night. These included:

  • Responding to the ‘consultation’ – getting initial responses back by July 20th
  • Lobbying governors – as the individuals who can take the decision to stop the Trust, by letter, personal contact etc.
  • Leafleting parents – I plan to draw up a 2-side leaflet. We will be leafleting outside Addeys and Standhope school on Monday 6 july at 3.15pm – please lend your support.
  • We also want to organise leafleting at Deptford Green and Crossways – please let us know if you are available.
  • Protest meeting – we need to confirm time and venue for a well-publicised public meeting next term.
  • Strike action – union members need to discuss now with their colleagues about the need to organise action.

These plans – and any other ideas – will be confirmed at the next:  

Campaign committee on Wednesday 8 July,  4pm, Room 141, Ground Floor, Goldsmiths (near the main entrance).

 Martin Powell-Davies




An eviction notice has been served on the occupation at Lewisham Bridge.

Bailiffs are arriving at 10.30am on Wednesday, 24TH June.

Hands Off Lewisham Bridge are asking for your support in resisting the eviction. Please come down as early as possible on Wednesday morning to support the occupation.

We want to let Lewisham Council know that they are evicting people who have been peacefully protesting over the destruction of community education at our school.

How long are we expected to put up with this disruption to our children’s lives and their education? This upset and the chaos of the buses must end.

Julia Holmes, Chris Threlfall, Frankie Sulke and Mayor Bullock – listen to us!

Bring our children back.

Their plan for our school is privatisation! This is bringing the market into our kids’ education, where the only motivation is profit and the only measure is league tables and headcount. Competition will be the name of the game.  

Trusts and academies will compete for those children they believe to be desirable and leave those whom they don’t on the scrapheap.

We cannot let them get away with this. We can fight this together and we can win!

Join our Facebook Group and send messages of support or text them to 07946 541 331